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VAL-U-ADS® is Colorado’s largest locally-owned coupon advertising business. We take pride in providing a product featuring a diverse group of local businesses.

VAL-U-ADS® first direct mailer book was published in November of 1989. Advertisers enjoy an excellent return on investment in part because our cost per piece is usually less than 2¢ per household and the mailers come directly to the mailbox. All mailer distribution is verified by the United States Postal Service.

Advertisers have dedicated representatives and an entire graphic design team to help with ad design, updates, photos, special offers, and any other questions. VAL-U-ADS representatives are dedicated to their customer’s happiness.

Our matte printing enables the paper to easily be recycled as many as 27 times. This is why we choose our mailers to be matte printed. It’s estimated that gloss printing requires triple the energy to produce and is extremely difficult to recycle and the process produces a toxic sludge.


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