FAQ – Advertising with VAL-U-ADS®

VAL-U-ADS® Advertising FAQ’s

How much response will I get?

Your response varies depending on many factors such as product type, season, pricing strategy, and your location just to name a few. A pizza retailer might get 200 responses while a car dealer would be happy with just a few using an advertising mailer.

How much does an ad cost?

Your pricing varies dramatically depending on the area(s) you choose and length of advertising agreement. What many advertisers find surprising is for less than $20, we can design an ad for you, print it in full color, and send the ad in a book to 1,000 households in a zone designed to provide maximum return on your investment.

Will my ad pay for itself?

Most advertising in VAL-U-ADS® mailers does pay for itself. Your ad can bring immediate response, which is our goal. It will also brand your business and increase top-of-mind consumer awareness, which increases your long-term sales.

Do I have to use a coupon?

Absolutely not! A coupon is a tracking device that mailers use and also motivates a consumer to act now. Many advertisers have a great product or service that needs no further discount. Your advertising consultant can also design an ad that has the appearance of a special offer without actually discounting your product or service.

Do I need to design the ad?

No. We’ll do everything with minimal input from you. Our job is to make this very easy and effective for you. You always have final say and approval of your ad design.

How do I select what to advertise?

Your advertising consultant will help you decide. One mistake to avoid is trying to sell unpopular items or services. Many advertisers promote areas of their business they feel are under utilized. For example, a restaurant might offer a coupon valid Sunday through Thursday only.

What types of customers use coupons?

A report in 2007 found that 86% of US households use coupons. Another study by Nielsen Research found that affluent shoppers were more likely to be heavy coupon users — and mailers help with this.

Will couponing hurt my image?

Coupons are being distributed by many diverse and upscale businesses including mailers. You will find many if you search the web for coupons from your favorite upscale businesses. The ad design, your logo, and product or services create your image. Some merchants provide a “New Client Gift Certificate” instead of a coupon for image purposes. Your advertising consultant can help design an ad that projects the best image for your business or service.

Does matte printing hurt my image?

Image is projected in your ad design. Major retailers and many other upscale products would never advertise in the newspaper if the paper quality hurt their image. We use matte printing for our mailers just as newspapers use.

Does printing green help me?

Some customers patronize businesses solely because they adopt green strategies. We use matte printing for our mailers so that it can be recycled and used up to 27 times.

Will VAL-U-ADS® work for my type of business?

VAL-U-ADS® works for most businesses. Your advertising consultant will help you determine if it’s right for you. The consultant may also be able to show you effective advertisements for businesses similar to yours using mailers.

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