From Our Friends at Button Rock Bakery!

  • Button Rock Bakery From Our Friends at Button Rock Bakery!
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    At Val-U-Ads, we strive to build great relationships with our clients! Here is a amazing testimonial from out friends at Button Rock Bakery:

    “Working with Kimberly and VAL-U-ADS® has helped us here at Button Rock Bakery
    in Lafayette gain a stronger customer base in just few short months. We branched
    out of our original Lyons location in February 2017, purchased the rights to Indulge
    Bakery and began to lease their previous operational space for our second location.
    With the transition from a standby “go-to” bakery in Lafayette to the new kids on
    the block, we had to market to the local community; we wanted to share our excitement
    in joining the city of Lafayette and let everyone know that giving us a try was
    in everyone’s taste buds best interest.
    Kimberly and her team assisted us in creating the ad design of our newly remodeled
    location; this ad ran during our first few months of opening. We have seen more
    coupons come in from that ad than we originally anticipated proving the value of
    this publication to us as we gain a positive and tasteful reputation as the city’s new
    “go-to” bakery. Kimberly has been a pleasure to work with and truly takes the time
    to share in the joy of growing small, local business. We are eager to continue our
    partnership and track our ROI for the year as we settle here in Lafayette.
    We sincerely wish all of the local and small businesses in the area the same success
    with their VAL-U-ADS® ads as we have. Best of luck!”

    Jamie Lachel, Owner
    Button Rock Bakery, LLC.
    Lafayette • 80026 • 1377 Forest Park Circle #102 • 303.926.1676

    Thank you so much the kind words. Jamie!

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