Matte Vs. Gloss Printing

High Grade Offset VAL-U-ADS® Cold Web Printing

1) Extremely energy efficient printing process for our mailers.
2) Environmentally friendly soy based inks (5.56% VOC content).*
3) Recycles easily and is purchased by paper mills for reuse.
4) Recycling saves trees.
5) Smaller carbon footprint.

Blue Green Book Printing

Gloss Paper Heat Set Web Printing

1) Presses require natural gas ovens or high-powered lamps to bake ink onto page.
2) Ovens create toxic fumes that require scrubbing in a powerful catalytic converter or natural gas afterburner.
3) Giant refrigerated rollers (rated 50 to 60 ton) chill the paper and ink to create a gloss look.
4) Gloss paper uses HIGH VOC inks: 35.15%.*
5) Recycling gloss paper is energy and chemical intensive. Many paper mills won’t accept gloss paper for recycling.



*VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are air polluting chemicals. Data obtained from two major ink manufacturers’ current Material Safety Data Sheets. Actual VOC’s for gloss may vary depending on brand of inks used.