• $100 Off in office ZOOM Whitening

    $100 Off in office ZOOM Whitening

    $100 OFF in office ZOOM Whitening. Not valid with other offers.

    3400 W 16th Street Unit 8E, Greeley, CO 80634 Call Us Today at 970 352-5448 Se Habla Español We provide all our patients exceptional dental treatment in a comfortable and safe environment. Our dentists and our staff are very friendly, understanding and we genuinely care about your oral health. We will always listen carefully to your dental concerns and will always answer all of your questions.

    We have several means of in-office, overnight, or daytime wear whitening solutions. We’re concerned with minimizing sensitivity and/or soreness, and use only those materials that have been shown to reduce sensitivity and treat the tooth with fluoride as you whiten.

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