• 3 Free Cryotherapy Sessions

    3 Free Cryotherapy Sessions

    Benchmark Medical Group is your top choice for state-of-the-art medical weight control services in the Windsor area. If you in need of an effective, personalized weight loss program, our skilled team of weight loss experts can design a program just for you! In addition to medical weight loss, we offer a wide range of fully-integrated wellness services for your overall health.

    Our Medical Weight Loss Services Include:

    InBody Body Composition Analysis

    Specific Nutrient Recommendations

    Macro Recommendations Based on Comprehensive Medical Exam Baseline Blood Work CMP, CBC, Lipid Panel, HgA1C, Vitamin D, CRP, DHEA, Testosterone, Vitamin B12 and Folate, TSH, T3, T4, Reverse T3, T3 Uptake, Thyroglobulin, Thyroid Peroxidase Diagnostic Testing Fat Loss, Transition & Lifestyle Management One-On-One Consultations and Weigh-Ins Fitness and Exercise Progress Monitored via MyZone Technology Access to Hundreds of Recipes and Meal Ideas and Much More Other Services Include:

    Chiropractic Services

    Physical Therapy


    Functional Medicine

    Medi-Spa Services

    and More

    Benchmark Medical