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Val U Ads, Julie Dawson

Julie Dawson

Val-U-Ads Owner

Julie Dawson purchased Val-U-Ads in 2020.

Julie and her husband, Scott live in Village of Five Parks in West Arvada and love everything about the Arvada community they have called home for the past eight years. Scott grew up in Colorado and is a graduate of the University of Denver.

Julie worked for the Arvada Chamber of Commerce for 3 years and is excited to continue her ongoing support and exploration of Arvada’s thriving businesses to the consumer community through VAL-U-ADS direct mail marketing services.

Julie is proudly involved in the following organizations:

Invest in Arvada
Arvada Economic Development Association
Arvada Chamber Member
Arvada Chamber Member
Applewood Business Association - Julie Dawson
Applewood Business Association
Val U Ads Firestorm Member


"My mission is to help Arvada Businesses grow and thrive by assisting in their marketing, along with making connections with other business owners."

— Julie Dawson —