about Val-U-Ads

Julie Dawson

Val U Ads Owner

Julie purchased Val U Ads in 2020.

Julie and her husband, Scott Dawson live in Arvada and love everything about the community that they have called home for the past 8 years. Scott grew up in Colorado and is a graduate of the University of Denver.

Julie worked for the Arvada Chamber of Commerce for 3 years and is excited to continue her ongoing support and exploration of Arvada’s thriving businesses to consumer community.

Christy Meiers

Val U Ads Graphic Designer

Christy has been the lead artist for Val U Ads coupon books since 2002. She’s a Denver Metro Colorado native. 

Christy has an Associate Degree from Thornton Voc-Tech Commerical Art Program; additionally winning 1st place in state during V.I.C.A competitions.

Prior to working for Val U Ads, she co-owned a small print shop with her husband.

Christy’s art expertise excels in assisting local area businesses advertise their company through Val U Ads digital coupons.

Our mission is to help Arvada Businesses grow and thrive by assisting in their marketing, along with making connections with other business owners.