Friends of Arvada Fire Protection District

AFPD Mission Statement/Goals?  In 2013, I was part of a group who formed Friends of Arvada Fire to raise money for and otherwise support the Arvada Fire Protection District (AFPD). Our vision was an organization that would reduce Arvada Fire’s financial burden and allow the district to spend more of its time focusing on the mission of responding to emergencies and providing fire and safety education within the community. 

How did you get involved with AFPD and what is your role?  I acted as support staff in original formation of FAFPD and completion of the 501c3 application. I became a member of the Board of Directors in 2016 and currently serve as the Assistant Secretary – Treasurer. 

What inspires you about AFPD non-profit?  Arvada Fire personnel serve the citizens of the District with dedication and care. I love being able to support the District’s efforts by providing equipment and resources to make their work a little easier and more effective.

What AFPD accomplishment you are most proud of?  Our  biggest fundraiser of the year is the Firefighter’s Carfest, which is normally held on the first Sunday in August. The funds raised at this event have helped purchase equipment such as a Stryker Power Cot, which safely lifts and loads patients to and from the ambulance and an AutoPulse Automated CPR Machine for EMS, which safely performs consistent CPR while patients are being transferred. There have been many others, but these tow are the most meaningful to me. 

What about Arvada do you love?  I consider Arvada my hometown, having lived here since I was nine. There have been lots of changes, but I still love that most people are friendly and care about their neighbors. 

How can Val-U-Ads of Arvada support AFPD non-profit?  Visibility is one of the most difficult and expensive items for a non-profit. I truly appreciate that Val-U-Ads helps the community non-profits “get the word out” by highlighting one in each issue without cost. We are honored to be a featured organization. 


Denver Round Table

What’s Denver Round Tables Mission Statement/Goal?  The Denver Round Table is a non-profit organization that hosts an annual fundraiser that benefits Adaptive Recreation for Childhood Health (ARCH) and Phamaly Theatre Company. Both organizations are very passionate about their community and helping individuals with disabilities. 

How did you get involved with this organization and what is your role? Arvada I volunteer through Children’s Hospital Colorado ARCH program. They help individuals with disabilities and incorporate it with skiing, ski chairs, sit skis and many other options depending on their needs. I’m glad to support Denver Round Tables annual gala, raising money for ARCH. 

What inspires you about your non-profit? I’ve seen how much ARCH has helped those with limitations, whether it is mental or physical. It helps its athletes learn skills, skiing, or other summer and winder activities and achieve goals that help them in their daily life. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of? There is nothing that compares to volunteering and giving back. I never through it would make such a difference in my life. I love helping Denver Round Table have a successful gala dinner and am so proud and happy when they get to present the donations. 

What about Arvada do you love? The Denver Round Table meets in the Denver Area but their non-profits both provide amazing opportunities for our communities and people in the Arvada, Lakewood, Denver and everywhere in between!

How can Val-U-Ads of Arvada support your non-profit? The Denver Round Table is looking for donations, auction items or attendance at the gala dinner. We are thankful for any contributions and will also acknowledge gold and platinum sponsorship at the event and on the event website. 

Black Ops Rescue

Why donate to Black Ops Rescue?  When you give to Black Ops Rescue, you are providing life-saving and life changing support. Your generous donation enables us to rescue shelter pets and provide veterans with the love and healing of a companion animal. Black Ops Rescue takes pride in its established policies and procedures to assure that all donations are managed properly and only used for the charitable purposes of the organization. No activities of the organization are carried on for the profit or gain of any board member or officer. 

How does Black Ops Rescue Help Veterans? Arvada Multiple ongoing studies are revealing that certain symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) are alleviated by companion animals. Owning a pet can lift your mood and help you feel less stressed. Pets can help people feel better by providing companionship, reduction loneliness and isolation, and giving unconditional love. All pet owners, including those who have PTSD, can experience these benefits.

What does Black Ops Rescue Do? We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity in Arvada, Colorado dedicated to pairing homeless pets with veterans in need for the good of both the veteran and the pet. We serve veterans along the Front Range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. Black Ops Rescue’s tax identification number is 82-5479474


What is SpayToday’s Mission Statement/Goals? SpayToday is a non-profit, 501c3 organization that is dedicated to ending animal homelessness, neglect, and abuse. We provide no-cost and low-cost spay/neuter services and basic vet care to individuals and families in Denver Metro and surrounding areas. Our services area available to the public and we strive to connect with vulnerable populations. We understand the importance of the human-animal bond and strive to keep pets healthy and at home with the people who love them. 

What accomplishment is SpayToday most proud of? –  Since our inceptions in 2009, SpayToday has performed more than 80,000 successful spay/neuter procedures, helping to eliminate animal homelessness, neglect, and potential abuse. 

What about Arvada does SpayToday love? Arvada is a very pet friendly community. I love all the open trails, dog parks and beautiful outdoor areas that are enjoyed by so many

How can Val-U-Ads of Arvada and the community better support your non profit? There are thousands of people in the Denver Metro area that cannot afford basic vet care services for their pets. We aim to change that and empower these families to take and active role in caring for their pets by providing no-cost and low-cost options, regardless of financial constraints. Val-U-Ads of Arvada is an incredible tool for branding and providing the opportunity of reaching new audiences and sharing out mission with the Arvada Community. 

Cash & Supply Donations – Gratefully accepted!

Boulder County Wildfire Fund

On December 30th, 2021, the Marshall fire, the state’s most catastrophic wildfire in history, devastated approximately 1,000 residences in Boulder County.
Community Foundation Boulder County, as Boulder County’s trusted philanthropic partner for over 30 years, will work collaboratively with the government and nonprofit partners to organize, align resources, and fill gaps to assist those most affected by the wildfires. Their experience has taught us the critical role of strong local connections in addressing immediate and long-term community needs with equality, openness, and integrity during times of crisis.
To help make a difference, visit their website to make a donation!

What was the inspiration behind Cornerstone Foundation? Dr. Joseph Hsin founded the Cornerstone Foundation to provide orthopedic care and education locally and globally. He is thankful for the opportunities he received when his parents left China and eventually immigrated to the US. He wanted to go to Cambodia to help educate doctors – most were eradicated during the mass killings in the 70’s under the Khmer Rouge. We’ve had a consistent relationship with Jeremiah’s Hope Hospital in Phnom Penh and have gone other places too – Uganda, Guatemala…. and locally we work with underserved elderly and youth in our community. 

What is your Mission and/or Mission Statement? –  To provide orthopedic care and education locally and globally. 

What accomplishments is Cornerstone Foundation most proud of? Two things: We were the first group to do a bi-lateral hip replacement surgery in the Country of Cambodia. And we were the first ortho team to go to serve with Musana in Uganda. 

How can Val-U-Ads of Arvada and the community better support your non profit? We are sending a team to Guatemala in April with an organization called Faith in Practice. Our foundations help to pay the fees for nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists and students. We would love financial donations to help cover the costs for this upcoming trip. You Make A Difference! 


What is your Mission and/or Mission Statement? Community Table is launching a community-wide food drive to collect 25,000 pounds of food by December, 25, 2021. The drive is needed to help offset pandemic-related declines in food donations from individuals and groceries “rescued” from local retailers. 

About Community Table –  Founded in 1982, the Arvada Community Food Bank, now known as Community Table, began distributing food to hungry families out of a small house. In our 39th year, they have grown to be one of the largest emergency food providers in the metro Denver area, serving Arvada, Golden, Edgewater, Lakeside, Mountain View, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, and surrounding communities, including Northwest Denver.  Although providing food is still the core of their focus, their current slate of programs for those in need extends far beyond. In 2014, they added a “hand up” through Bridges to Opportunity that provides the resources struggling families need to lift themselves out of poverty.  In 2018, they began hosting Living Well Showers for people experiencing homelessness, and in the Fall of 2019, they opened an onsite health clinic for uninsured adults.  Community Table, a 501(c)(3) public charity, depends on support from individuals, corporations, foundations, churches and service organizations. 


What is your Mission and/or Mission Statement? Hope House Colorado empowers parenting teenage moms to strive for personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in God’s sight, resulting in a healthy future for them and their children. 

What about Arvada does Hope House Love? We LOVE the people of Arvada! This community has given our teen moms a true since of belonging, which is something they have rarely experienced before coming here. 

How can Val-U-Ads of Arvada better support your non-profit?  We love being able to share the mission of Hope House of Colorado with our local Arvada community. We are so grateful for the current support we feel from local community members working to help empower our moms, and we see our participation with Val-U-Ads as yet another tool to help us share the mission with our broader community. 


Goombas Pizza Grinder was looking for hero’s in search of a Kidney for a family member. We helped them in this search and we helped others along the way.

Follow Up from August 2021:

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful Kidney Donor Page in the last mailer. I wanted to let you know I’ve had someone looking for a kidney reach out to me because of your mailer and yesterday someone talked to me about how they shared it with a church group and loved it! 

Since John got his kidney, he is doing very well! I’m excited to continue trying to help others. Thank you for having been such a big part of the process with your kindness! 

May other people find renewed health because of these efforts!”  – Ellie Papastergiou


About Arvada Soccer Association dba Real Colorado EDGE Soccer Club: Since 1969 serving boys and girls ages 4 through adulthood. Annually, the club has 2,500 registered players playing at various levels, from Recreational to Competitive to our TOPSoccer program for kids with special needs. We also offer seasonal camps, yearly events and tournaments are hosted to help support the club. The Arvada Soccer Association is a 501(s) (3) non-profit organization.

What are this year’s learning priorities for the kids? It is our belief that soccer is a game that teaches kids important life lessons, such as teamwork, physical fitness, goal setting, and determination. Teaching these life lessons benefits the entire community. Our goal is to provide all kids the opportunity to learn, regardless of income. Our 2021 Kick-in-4Kids Campaigns has been established to provide kids, from less fortunate families, financial assistance.

How can Arvada Residents support your fundraiser? We offer various levels of sponsorships and donations. Any interested individuals or business can contact us at or call us at 303-403-0902 for more information. Additional information on our club, fundraising, soccer programs, summer camps and upcoming events can be found on our website

When did Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado Begin? It was founded in 2010 by Linda Chassman and Ellen Winston with a mission to provide quality mental healthcare to anyone regardless of insurance or income. 

What is the AATPC Mission Statement? Through our counseling and training programs, Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado provides and promotes animal assisted psychotherapy to facilitate healing for all people in need with rescued animals. 

Tell us how Arvada Residents can support AATPC? By sponsoring one of our therapy animals or making a donation to support our work. Contact us to learn more!  


When did Arvada Jefferson Kiwanis (AJK) Club Begin? It Kiwanis International started in 1915. The local, AJK club was chartered in 1963. Currently, the have nearly 70 members who live or work in Arvada and the surrounding communities.  

What is the Mission of Kiwanis? Kiwanis is committed to serving the children of the world, one child and one community at a time. The club is an organization of volunteers focusing on improving the emotional, physical and mental lives of the children of the city and community by applying their resources and time to their most pressing needs. 

Tell us how Arvada Residents can support your Non-Profit group? By helping get the word out about Kiwanis’ great non-profit charitable organization with wonderful members. 


What is the Mission of Foothills Animal Shelter? Good Humans Unite

As the only full-service animal shelter serving Jefferson County, Colorado, we collaborate with Good Humans like you to improve the lives of thousands of pets each year, creating a better community for all.

Our purpose is To Make Lives Better for Pets and People. Our team shares your passion to improve the situation for our community’s animals. Become a part of our community, in whatever way you can, and let’s start improving lives together today.