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Hammond Home Improvement & Repairs

Where is Pete Hammond from? – Pete was orginally born and raised on a farm in Illinois. Today he lives in a beauiful Golden, CO.

What are Pete’s favorite hobbies, pastimes & activities? – Pete loves movies & TV – science fiction and horror genre are his favorites. He claims to be a real nerd, as several times a year he and his son attend various Sci-Fi conventions around town. 

What inspired Pete to start his own business? – Pete was inspired to start his own business because in the process of using his skills as a carpenter and woodworker to help people, it felt good to be of service to others. Plus, he was proud to complete a job well done. 

What’s the accomplishment Pete’s most proud of? – Pete states that raising a son who had some past mental issues into a responsible and caring adult, rates as the thing he is most proud of. 

What about Arvada does Pete love? – Pete loves that there are a lot of things to do in town. He especially loves Olde Town Arvada. There are very friendly people here and the ‘Arts Culture’ is particulary vibrant thanks to The Arvada Center. 

How can Val-U-Ads of Arvada support Pete’s business? – Pete would like to see Val-U-Ads published again in the Golden area. 

Rebelry Boutique

Where is Judy originally from? – Judy was raised on Long Island in New York, but moved to Colorado a little over 2.5 years ago from Pennsylvania.

Judy’s favorite hobbies, pastimes, or activites? – Now that Judy lives in Colorado – ‘Hikeing’ is a favorite pastime of hers. 

What inspired Judy to start her new business? – Owning her own boutique was always Judy’s dream. And she was at a point in her life where she decided she needed to act on her dream or that is all it would ever be….. a dream.

Accomplishment that Judy is most proud of? – Judy’s most proud of going forward with her dream, despite the current climate we are all facing right now. She figured there was no perfect time, so decided to just go for it.

What about Arvada do you love? – I love the community spirit that people seem to have towards Arvada. 

How can Val-U-Ads of Arvada better support her business? – “Val-U-Ads has done a great job in getting my Company name out there” Judy says, “Just keep doing what you have been doing!!”


Veneers Denver

Where is Dr. Bonati from? – Dr. Bonati of Veneers Denver was born and raised in Colorado.  

What are Dr. Bonati’s Hobbies, Pastimes and/or Activities? –  Since Dr. Bonati’s hobbies include being an ex-college baseball player for Regis University. He also enjoys skiing with his family and Jui Jitsu. 

What inspired Dr. Bonati to start Veneers Denver? –  Dr. Bonati’s states that he has the skillset for helping people craft the perfect smile to give them confidence in every day life!

What accomplishment is Dr. Bonati most proud of? –  Dr. Bonati feels that each “Full Mouth Transformation’ is a huge accomplishment because every time it is apparent how life changing good dental work can be!
What does Dr. Bonati love about Arvada? –  Dr. Bonati’s favorite memory is growing up in Arvada. He loves all the small Mom & Pop shops that have made it 30+ years, plus all the new additions to the area. 
How can Val-U-Ads better support Veneers Denver? –  Dr. Bonati simply wants Val-U-Ads to get the word out that his business – Veneers Denver is the best in town!!!

Kathryn & Joe
Colorado Home Realty

Where are the Seehusen’s from? – Joe was born in Rochester, MN. Kathryn is a proud Colorado Native born and raised in Littleton, Colorado.

What are their favorite hobbies and activities? –  Kathryn & Joe enjoy concerts, entertaining family and friends, road trips, collecting vinyl records and live music. 

What inspired Kathryn & Joe to start their own business? –  The couple had the desire to live within their limits and wanted to help others do the same – Home ownership included. 

What accomplishment are the Seehusens most proud of? –  Kathryn and Joe state, “We Love Our Life!” They want to help you love your life also. Check out their website at Colorado Home to see their current listings and customer reviews. 

What about Arvada do Kathryn & Joe love? –  They love seeing friends everywhere they go around town and the small time “hometown” feeling that Arvada offers.